Bodi and the Poochie!

Bodi and Poochie

Here’s our little Bodi-O with one of his Christmas toys, “Poochie”.  Bodi loves Poochie… he likes to carry him around the house, like a little kid with his favorite stuffed animal!

Bodi snuggling with Poochie!

Bodi snuggling with Poochie

Bodi was so cute at Christmas time… he loved opening up his gifts, just like Tucker used to do.  And he was thrilled to have his own toys to play with.  Even though he inherited all of Tuck’s toys, he did not want to play with them, after Tucker passed away.  It was kind of strange… but maybe it was out of respect for Tuck.. I’m not sure on that one.

But as you can clearly see here… Bodi is very fond of Poochie!  He loves to snuggle up with him and I think it is so cute the way he wraps his legs around him… as if he does not want to let him go.

Bodi snuggling with Poochie

I think that Bodi finds great comfort in Poochie… maybe he is thinking about his big brother Tuck… when he gives Poochie that extra hug and squeeze!!

Isn’t he just the cutest?!!!  Love our little Bodi!

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