A Month Goes By…

Well, it’s been a month since we suddenly lost Tucker, it seems like it just flew by, and then at times it seems like it lasts forever… I just wanted to put up a little remembrance post, a little touch of Tucker’s love, companionship, incredible temperament, loyalty, great nature…, well, just a touch of Tuck-a-poo. […]

The Game Is Afoot – Bodi The Grand Hunter

Luckily we live in a slightly less populated area then most in SoCal, and this affords us the unique ability to just leave our door and be in the hills, away from people, and able to stretch our legs a little bit. Bodi loves getting out and up into the hills, smelling all of the […]

Bodi – Understanding His New Role

Bodi has been thrown for another loop, started a new family 6 months ago, now having his new best friend disappear from out of his life, then having to take the role of our canine emotional saviour. Bodi is doing his very best, he normally is the happy-go-lucky boy that we are always trying to […]

Tucker’s Got Wood

Last year we took Tucker with us to the Wooden Boat show up at Lake Arrowhead, we had planned on just going there for the day, but as it turned out – we were so beat from the day in the sun and getting up early to get there that we found a place that […]

The Hunting Gene…

Tucker inherited the hunting gene from his Father, a champion from the Russet Leather line… Wait a minute, I have watched Tucker hunt and I can tell you without a doubt that Tucker has suppressed the hunting gene as far away as he possibly can. We took Tucker out on a hunting trial when he […]