The lazy dog days

As the days go by, Bodi and Oliver have become friends… I won’t say great friends, Bodi always has a little bit of animosity towards Oliver – just that little edge, but all-in-all it’s much better. The two have taken to “owning” the sofa as they collect the last rays of sunlight in the late […]

Sleeping with the enemy…

This is an all to common occurrence, the morning ritual, after the potty break – The boys decide that… IT’S ON – How could either one of us actually let dad sleep when we both want the prime real estate next to his head… How could that ever happen!!! Dad, trying to exert his leadership […]

Setting The Tone For The Weekend!!!

Just a quick post about the Bodester, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ve already written a lot with this pic. Bodi hard at work proving once and for all that he can crash out just as fully as Tucker could, I’m in the chair editing a video for a client, while this […]

Learning To Be Bodi

Well, it’s been 2 weeks and we think that the toughest part has started to pass for all of us… Although picking up Tucker’s ashes definitely brought back a lot of memories and a lot of tears for both of us. I’m sure by now Bodi is wondering what the heck happened to the energy […]

Time Heals…

I laugh sometimes at the emotions that we feel from losing a dog, how we can be so torn up, how we can be hurt even more from the loss of Tucker then we are in the loss of a family member.  But I know that dog people understand the loss, the love of a […]

Coming up on 3 Months

Here we are coming up on 3 months with the BodMeister and we must say that we are not too surprised with how things are coming out. Bodi is fitting in to our family just about as perfectly as he possibly can, he is different from Tucker in so many ways, and exactly the same […]


It’s been 1 month that we have had Bodi in our lives, and to tell you the truth we couldn’t be happier, he is a little monster at times, but for the most part he is everything that you could want in a – hyperactive, high energy, excited, committed, completely over-the-top, jump in with all […]