Getting Old…

This is a post that I had started back in May… I thought that it had started to flow to melodramatic and set it aside… But now it seems kind of prophetic. I’m not going to finish the post, just wanted the picture and the feeling to be shared. We miss him every minute of […]

The Loss Of Our Very Best Friend

With a heavy heart and deep sorrow we have to say that we have lost our best friend for the last 12 years, Tucker. It came much, much faster then we could ever imagine and has thrown us for a big loop.  In three days we went from playing out in the hills with Tucker, […]

Tucker had a blast on his birthday!

Tuckie enjoyed his birthday celebration! He got to open gifts (I know… he’s very spoiled)! Bodi actually just sat and watched Tuck open his gifts. Much to our surprise… he didn’t try to “help” him!

Happy Birthday Tucker!! The Big 12

Happy Birthday, Tuckie!! We love you honey!!! Our special little guy is 12 years old today! Gosh… how time really does fly! Tucker… you are the puppy love of our lives! The last 12 years with you have been awesome! Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love, Mom & Dad