It Certainly Is… A Dog’s Life!

Oliver and Bodi, caught by the sunbeam

Ah yes… this is such a sweet scene!  After a nice morning walk on the trails with mom and dad… a morning of playing hard… chasing each other throughout the house, running up and down the stairs, (at least a thousand times),  playing tug-a-war with every toy they can possibly get their paws on, and of course, tearing it to pieces.

Sweet, sunbeam dreams, our little angels!

Sweet... sunbeam dreams... our little angels!

A nice breakfast, followed by a couple of treats… they run back upstairs to catch the sunbeam and now it’s time to rest (so they can have the energy to do it all over again)!

“Dog naps” are definitely underrated!

Yes… this is a “Dog’s Life” indeed!!!

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